DWISE network launches website
10 Feb 2021

Network of inclusive companies employing persons with disabilities across Europe

Brussels, February 2021. On 4 February 2021, the Disability Work Inclusion Social Enterprises network (DWISE network) launched its new, fully accessible website. This new online resource provides visibility to the network and its activities. To date, the DWISE network has analysed how its member organisations and companies provide work and employment opportunities to persons with disabilities and effectively include them into the labour market and society in Europe.

Next to general information about the DWISE network and all its partners, the website puts at the disposal of policy makers, civil society organisations and other interested parties all the work that has been conducted thus far, as well as examples of social economy initiatives providing employment for persons with disabilities.

Interested stakeholders and policy makers can hereby take a closer look at the research included in a comparative report, explore case studies from all six national partner organisations, and inform themselves about the policy recommendations from the network applicable to the current EU and international policy framework for the employment of persons with disabilities. In addition, the website will keep its audience informed about recent news and events and provide access to frequently published newsletters. Together with the launch of the website, the DWISE network also has set up a new twitter account, on which updates and interesting insights from all partners will be shared. You are invited to follow the account at @DWISENetwork1.

About the DWISE network: Created in 2018 as “the European Observatory for Inclusive Employment and Sustainable Development Goals”, the DWISE network was renamed in January 2021 (Disability Work Inclusion Social Enterprises network), in order to highlight the common indicators of all involved organisations, namely the integrative and social factor of companies employing persons with disabilities. The network aims to build an EU-wide collaboration dealing with the challenges faced by social economy organisations in general and companies employing a significant percentage of persons with disabilities in Europe particularly, while seizing the opportunities stemming from these. Members include:

  • National member organisations from Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Slovenia

    Fundación ONCE APF france handicap Cedris NL
    Groep Maatwerk Samhall ZIPS

  • European network partners


  • Observer organisations



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